And now for something completely different

After a break of a few days it seems that it is high time to publish a new post and, on the basis that I’ve tagged it with ‘Something for the weekend’, I’ve gone for new comedy.

Every now and then, you discover a comedy gem that deserves the biggest, bestest, possible audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Superego – a comedy podcast created in the United States that is pitch-perfect for a UK following.

After all, if it was created by UK-based – rather than US-based – comic geniuses, then maybe Superego would cite their inspiration as the Ammando Iannucci School of On The Hour, The Day Today and Brass Eye.

Maybe they would say that there is a dash of The Goons’ surreal characterisations in there; or a less menacing League of Gentlemen. Maybe there is even a dose of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s Derek and Clive freestyling asides and corpsing.

But Superego is by no means derivative; this is original absurdist humour with a unique character all of its own.

Outstandingly produced and with tautly terrific writing, Superego revels in a succession of short pseudo-psychological ‘case notes’ episodes featuring self-obsessed characters. Characters like my personal favourite, US football coach Coach Helzevec, whose inane, unintelligible and meaningless post-match statements culminate in a beep-laden diatribe directed at a baying pack of sports journalists.

Then there’s the freakishly jealous GPS navigation system – Maggie the GPS – whose obsession with her car’s driver and owner leads to character assassination of any woman who dares date him. Then there’s the entirely inappropriate country music star Shunt McGuppin who, despite the counsel of his long-suffering producer, just can’t seem to hit the right lyrics for a family audience.

In fact, there are countless characters who, together, deliver a truly original and rich mix of sharp, ascerbic, parodic, absurdist, vulgar, witty and just plain entertainingly funny podcast that I can remember hearing in a long time – maybe ever.

Of course humour is a matter of personal taste but you really should listen to this.

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