Top Marx: An animated alternative explanation for the financial crisis

Here’s the chapter I’ve been waiting for on an explanation of the financial crisis: A brilliant animated account – based on a lecture at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) given by Marxist social theorist David Harvey – of why the behavioural traits of the pursuit of capital accumulation fed The Crunch.

Whether you’re inclined to agree with Mr Harvey or not, the use of the animation alongside his word brings the argument to life in a compelling and entertaining way.

On the web, at least, perhaps has stolen the RSA’s limelight in terms of the propagation of interesting ideas. But this talk – and others at the RSA YouTube channel – amply demonstrate why the Royal Society should grace your bookmarks: Content like this fit snugly into a long tradition of thought-provoking contributions – drawn from across the spectrum of fascinating leaders and thinkers – towards debate on contemporary issues.

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