Twitter elegantly opens a new chapter in personalised content consumption

Now I don’t claim to be any kind of guru as far as the seismic activity of the tech world is concerned. But, as a punter, I already like the look of the new Twitter interface design.

By enabling users to weave together threads of additional content more easily – and by allowing that content to be gathered together on one screen – Twitter is bringing to life the idea of personal content curation in a really elegant way.

If the interface works as smoothly as the blend of words and imagery in the rather nice video preamble to the announcement, then Twitter may well be onto a winner.

I may be jumping the gun here but Twitter appear to be taking a leaf out of Apple’s book as far as interaction design is concerned.

It appears to be offering a really elegant way to curate your own content – less clunky than Facebook and less data-crunchingly workmanlike than Google.

I hope that a renewed stability of the platform emerges in tandem with an effortlessly easy interface. If it does, this could be a really significant milestone in the consumption of content.

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