Anyone for Pogo?

I posted a link to Pogo in a tweet a couple of weeks ago but think he deserves a post on the blog.

Aside from the fact that I have a personal preference for the kind of music he is creating, what I also love is his ability to take something as ubiquitous as speech and, by layering more and more excerpts of dialogue one upon the other woven together with a bass line and melody, transforms it into something extraordinary.

(Glancing back to my ‘Something for the weekend’ post a couple of weeks ago, I spy a theme emerging here.)

Pogo himself modestly says: ‘The track is composed of a sine wave bass, custom drum sequences, and sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Mary Poppins’.

I consider the man from Perth, Australia, to be an artist of real skill; his compositions just happen to be painted in sound and video.

There’s more from Pogo at his YouTube. I recommend it if you need a dose of uplifting optimistic idealism as part of the daily grind.