Ikeler on advertising trends

Despite its title, I’d argue that Marci Ikeler‘s slidedeck on trends in advertising – a pick of the day at Slideshare last week – articulately makes the case for the prosecution on the future of marketing communication in general – for any business of any size.

There are a lot of presentations and opinions swirling around the web that bang on about the technology, but not that many which are sufficiently insightful to help you understand the consequences. For me, that’s what distinguishes a strategist who ‘gets’ the tactics from the rest. (But then, that’s why Marci Ikeler is director of digital strategy at Publicis New York isn’t it?)

Marci neatly distills the issues down to three areas for concentration: sociability, content and interactivity. What’s more, she amplifies her point by pointing out trends that are illustrative of each – hence, this really interesting presentation.
Anyway, take a look. And follow Marci on Twitter.